Everyday Superpowers is a PhD project investigating cycling spaces for transgender people, non binary people and allied women. What happens differently if these people are centred from the start rather than provision being tagged on to typically male dominated spaces?

Although everyday cycling is the common thread, we’re particularly interested in how this relates to social support networks, collective strength, and local activism.

The practice-based project is run by Nikki Pugh, an artist and researcher at the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Art (LICA) and Centre for Mobilities Studies (CeMoRe) at Lancaster University.

We’d initially envisioned a programme of convivial bike repair, cycling and related activities to support your mobility, health and social needs, but we’re now having to explore alternative strategies for a pandemic world.

We’re starting off by asking people what’s important to them and what their needs are both to get through immediate challenges and to shape the future they want to live in beyond that. From there we intend to work with you to co-design the next practical steps.

Feel free to contact us, if you’d like to say “hi”. You can also follow along with progress on the Everyday Superpowers Instagram account and/or join the mailing list.