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Zine: Is That Secondhand Bike You Want to Buy Junk?

Our first zine. A guide to buying a secondhand bike – what to look for, safety checks and an overview of possible costs. Download it from http://everydaysuperpowers.org.uk/zines/secondhand-bike/

Zine: ABCD Bike Checks

Our second zine. Safety checks woven into a ride. Download it free from http://everydaysuperpowers.org.uk/zines/abcd-checks/

Salzburg Global Seminar: Confronting Power and Privilege for Inclusive, Equitable and Healthy Communities

Including three steps for examining power and privilege in support of healthy and inclusive communities:

sam scipio’s Fix-A-Flat with Ayesha McGowan zine

Drawn by sam scipio in response to Ayesha McGowan’s Fix-A-Flat bicycle basics class. You can download the original or a screen version and watch the video of the class on Ayesha’s website: https://www.aquickbrownfox.com/blog/2020/5/26/fix-a-flat-printable-zine. (Spanish version of the zine also available here.)

Here you can download a pdf version that is designed to be printed on A4 (print at 100%, don’t scale to fit).