2020 Winter pilot programme

We ran an initial programme of events throughout November and December 2020 to help folks build up some basic care skills for their cycle (and theirselves!) to keep things running smoothly over winter.

The sessions from the programme are outlined below for reference. Each session was run several times and on a variety of different days of the week.

ABCD bike checks

Free. Duration of the online component: about 2 hours.

The ABCD bike check is a pre-ride routine you can use to catch major issues before you set off on a journey. We’ll harness the power of word play and specific locations to help you remember the sequence of checks. Like a memory palace, but bigger and with more snack breaks.

You’ll receive a zine to guide you through a real-world journey and the series of checks. Independently ride the ride – maybe even design your own – and then join an online group session to answer queries, discuss any remedies needed, and to learn about more detailed bike checks.

This is a good introduction to cycle maintenance and doesn’t assume any previous knowledge.

Fix-along-at-home: punctures

This online, hands-on session is based around a resource pack that costs £3.

Duration 3-6 hours (tailored to participants’ needs).

Punctures needn’t be something to be afraid of. In this session you will build your skills and your confidence by practising puncture repair at home so that you’ll be ready to take on any unplanned deflations when you’re out on a ride.

You’ll master the basics of patching on an old inner tube before we get to grips with taking the wheels off your bike and the tyres off your wheels. We’ll provide you with glue and patches to keep, and if you’re local to Lancaster you can borrow tyre levers and a pump if you need them. We’ll talk about what to consider taking with you as part of your puncture repair kit and you’ll get a chance to explore some of the options to help you decide what is right for you.

Chain Gleaning

Free, online session. 1-2 hours.

Keeping your chain clean and oiled is A Good Thing. We’ll teach you why and we’ll teach you how, demonstrating a selection of different approaches and talking about the consequences of a poorly maintained chain. If you’re local to Lancaster we can investigate lending you some kit so you can take the learnings from the session and apply it to your own chain. Shiny.

Hive Mind Hangouts

Weekly informal evening online gatherings alternating between Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Your chance to meet more of the Everyday Superpowers gang, celebrate successes, ask questions and make suggestions.

Curious about cycling but confused and intimidated by it all? Start here.
Need to borrow a tool? Ask here.
Not sure what to wear to stay comfy during winter? Swap tips here.
Frustrated about an experience in a bike shop? Vent here.
Think you might benefit from support as you begin a new commute? Ask here.
Thought there was something we could improve on in one of the sessions? Let us know here. (Or here.)
Got ideas for what we can do next year. Plot and scheme here.
Want something similar to happen in Morecambe? Instigate it here.
Want something similar to happen somewhere else entirely? Brainstorm here.

These sessions will likely have a lot of Lancaster-centric content, but members of the wider community from further afield are also very welcome.